Designed And Fully Manufactured In House

About Us

ATP Projects Ltd offer engineering, manufacturing and branding services focused at the requirements and challenges faced in the live events and installation industry. We have a long history in the entertainments industry. Our engineers have managed rental inventories and many major sound and AV installations, therefore we have a good understanding of the challenges many of our customers face.

We are a small but growing firm focused at giving a personal service to our customers.

The Workshop

Laser Marking and branding

ATP Projects specialise in laser engraving products including techniques to colour fill the engraving to meet any client requirements. We can engrave most materials including rack panels stage boxes and even equipment like microphones and di boxes. 

 We are able to brand your equipment with your company logo or branding with an indelible mark identifying the item with your company and improving the security for that item. We offer an on-site service at your premises to allow rapid marking of your entire stock.

We are happy to create and engrave custom panels, off the shelf panels, switches or control gear or your existing products.


In the metal workshop we hold everything we need to build
our projects totally in house.

We hold a large format CNC laser cutter that is able to cut a wide range of materials including:
         -   Mild steel to 2mm thick
         -   Wood to 18mm thick 
         -   Acrylic plastics to 25 mm thick.

This specialised machine cuts straight from a CAD file allowing detailed and precise cutting of any shape that you can draw.

To complement this machine we also have:
         -   CNC laser engraving and marking machines.
         -   CNC milling/engraving machine.
         -   Metal and acrylic folding equipment.
         -   Shot blasting cabinet
         -   Powder coating system
         -   Screen printing facilities.

Full in house CAD software allow complete custom designs to be agreed prior to manufacture.

Cabling and Assembly

We have a team of experienced wiremen and assembly technicians ready to assemble the cabling systems used for any bespoke panel, stage box or electronics projects. We take time specifying and documenting a project at the outset to ensure your project requirements are understood, agreed  and delivered.

ATP Projects focus on an "on time" delivery method to ensure projects are delivered within the agreed schedule. Our project engineers have worked in the industry for many years and therefore we understand the show must go on.

Electronics and Programming

ATP Projects have good experience at design and construction of electronic and embedded systems programming enabling us to create flair with our bespoke projects. Utilising the latest technology of Raspberry Pi, Arduino or Odroid microprocessors, rapid development of bespoke requirements are possible interfacing user inputs with real world measurements and control.

With strong links to UK PCB manufacturers we are able to design and create PCB’s with rapid turnarounds, making even short runs of cabling systems more cost effective, meeting the client’s needs, and offering an alternative approach to a project if required.

Our Process